Welcome to Monkfish Abbey

From 2003-2007 Monkfish Abbey was a soul-care community located in Seattle, Washington. We consisted of a family living in a home, a few people gathered in their living room, neighbors and coworkers of the folks who hung out here, and an extended tribe of invisible friends who were floating around out there in the World Wide Web. This is was our virtual common room. Our hosts, Rachelle and Paul Mee-Chapman have relocated to Copenhagen, Denmark, so we are no longer gathering as a physical community, though we still keep in touch and our relationships are much-treasured.

The Monkfish-Abbey website remains available in the hopes that those of you who are forming your own small, local communities will find resources here. We hope you can learn from our mistakes, and gain inspiration from our better moments.

Our Abbess, Rachelle, is still blogging about spirituality and new religious rites and rituals. You can find her at Magpie Girl.

If you are looking for a spiritual community in Seattle, we highly recommend our former sister abbey, Church of the Apostles. COTA is an Episcoplian/Lutheran congregation like no other. Be sure to visit them at the Fremont Abbey — a common use arts space — and tell them Monkfish sent you.

May much light greet you on your journey!

Monkfish Photostrip